2023 Year in Review

Welp another year is in the books. Our 7th official year as a company, and hands down the best one yet. This year was the first year of our new Venture Studio, investing in 2 regional startups (Pixlmob, and Flaire) and launching a new internal product to join the Nicer family of companies.

But this didn't slow down our agency, which had it's best year on record, growing both our core team, and bringing on several additional incredibly talented contractors. This growth was thanks in large part to some amazing partner studios in Cactus, and Bunsen. We're thankful for your continued trust, and we can wait to see what's in store in 2024!

On the topic of our agency, here are some numbers from 2023:


New Brand
Identities 🎨


New Products
Launches 🚀


Published 🌐


Webflow Speed Build
Championship 🏆

2023 was our first year going to the weblfow conference as an agency. And we got to cheer our lead Webflow developer, Carlos Sepulveda, to victory at the Speed Build Challenge. Weblfow conf aslo gave us the opportunity to meet more incredibly talented people than ever before (h/t Yuan and KC).

Looking Ahead to 2024

We’re just getting started, with some big things already in the works for 2024. We’ll be moving into a new, and bigger, office in Indianapolis (excited to be growing our Indy team), Taking on a new design intern in January, and finalizng our enterprise partnership with webflow!

If you’re looking for a design or development partner in the new year, we’re taking on new design and webflow clients as early as February, and new development projects starting in Q2 '24.

Where to find us this year.

2023 was the first year we made more of effort to be present at some great IRL events. Needless to say, I’m not sure why we weren’t doing this sooner. So in 2024 we’re planning, and booking ahead! If you’re going to any of these events let us know! We’d love to meet up!

- Stripe Sessions
- Figma Config
- Grok '24, Matt we’re holding you to that promise.

🥂 Cheers to a new year!