Who we are.

Nicer is a product-centric studio that partners with companies to create, build and launch their next product. We also build our own products to solve the problems we see.

We started out as a Slack channel of friends making fun side projects together, and it’s grown into a real thing with, like, a bank account and stuff. That’s pretty awesome if you ask us.

Our work has been featured in The Verge, Mashable, The Next Web, Adweek, and The Atlantic.

We’re one of the few shops that can take a product from start to finish. From whiteboard sessions to version 1.0. Have a product idea but need a team with the chops to pull it off? We’re that team.

We help awesome brands.

We partner with great teams.

The team at Nicer Studio was an excellent partner for us in developing a custom online assessment for our clients. They took time to really understand the audience for our tool, and to help us think through the best approach to serve them.

– Tiffany, Director of Communications, The Unstuck Group

Our Services

We’re one of the few shops that can take a product from start to finish.


The web is where we started, and where we always go back. Need a completely custom blog or a slick promo page? This is what we do.

Digital Products

Have an idea for something and need to get it to market asap? We work fast, that’s just the pace we’ve learned to love. From MVP to 1.0, if you needed it yesterday, let's talk.


Before we became developers we were designers. We know how important brand is, and we can make yours stand out.


The best things are things that play well with each other. We can streamline your tools or build custom software to meet your needs.

Native Apps

Have something in mind bigger than a web app? We do native iOS and Android apps as well.

Product Consulting

We love coming to you to help workshop your product. We'll cover everything from IA, to design, to server architecture.

Have a project in mind?

Shoot us an email at [email protected]

Chat with us using smallchat, or shoot us an email at [email protected]

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