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Clerksy – Product design and development for a SaaS company.

Custom illustrations

We began by working with Clerksy to develop a custom illustration style to fit their brand. We wanted to develop a system that could be easily reproduced and accommodate a wide variety of uses. Keeping the color palette limited allowed the illustrations to keep a unified aesthetic and blend in seamlessly with the minimal UI for their site.

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A New Home for Clerksy

For the Clerksy homepage, we wanted the illustrations to take the lead, setting the environment for the rest of the page, and introducing the visitor to the right mental space.

Communicating Product through Design

Our biggest challenge was to communicate the concept of the product as simply as possible. Relying heavily on images, we focused on illustrated feature callouts and carefully scripted copy to convey the company's value proposition to visitors.

Fully automated subscription billing with Stripe.

Including generated invoices and PCI compliance.

Custom Client Dashboard

Moving beyond the marketing site, we integrated Clerksy’s subscriptions into Stripe to allow fast, simple subscription purchasing. We created a clean, intuitive, client dashboard enabling a Clerksy client to quickly and easily monitor hours used, edit their subscription, or download an invoice.

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