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TinyMerch—Our 2017 PH Hackathon Submission

TinyMerch is an embeddable ecommerce platform and our entry to the 2017 ProductHunt Global Hackathon.

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The Problem We’re Solving

Selling physical products comes with a full set of headaches: printing, inventory, overhead, maintenance, shipping and returns. It usually means rebuilding your site or sending customers to a separate platform with monthly fees. Simply put, it’s a big commitment. TinyMerch solves this. You don’t have to change your website. You never pay a subscription fee. You don’t have to worry about inventory or shipping. We process orders, get the products printed on-demand, ship them to your customers, and send you profits monthly. 💸

Our Place in the Market

Most ecommerce platforms are built for larger companies. TinyMerch is built for the little guys: content creators 📽️, artists 👨‍🎨, bands 🎸, and small businesses 🏪. For these users, selling merch shouldn’t be a full-time job, and TinyMerch is designed to make the process as fast and easy as possible. No other platform combines fully-managed printing and fulfillment with an embeddable store that lives directly on your site, all for free.

Custom Client Dashboard

Moving beyond the marketing site, we integrated Clerksy’s subscriptions into Stripe to allow fast, simple subscription purchasing. We created a clean, intuitive, client dashboard enabling a Clerksy client to quickly and easily monitor hours used, edit their subscription, or download an invoice.

To see a store in action, check out the TinyMerch Demo Store. Want to create your own TinyMerch store? Well, we’ll be getting to that soon! You can sign up here to be first in line 😀

Need some ecommerce expertise?

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Chat with us using smallchat, or shoot us an email at [email protected]

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