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The Unstuck Group—Helping churches get unstuck.

Helping Churches Grow

The Unstuck Group help churches grow their impact through consulting and coaching experiences designed to focus the church's vision, strategy and action. In May of 2017, The Unstuck Group launched a new campaign & book to help churches better assess and determine where their church was on its Life Cycle.

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A New Digital Approach

Our task was to create a user-friendly and intuitive assessment tool to accompany the release of the book and to allow a simple, online way for a member to assess their church's well-being.

User-friendly means device-friendly.

One of our main focuses for the Unstuck Church Assessment was to create an experience that could be accessed anywhere and from any device. This assessment app was used as a marketing tool for The Unstuck Group, so we knew it needed to have as much exposure as possible.

The team at Nicer Studio was an excellent partner for us in developing a custom online assessment for our clients. They took time to really understand the audience for our tool, and to help us think through the best approach to serve them. They asked great questions, and pushed back when we needed them to. We were thrilled with the final project—the UX and design. User engagement has far exceeded our expectations. I recommend them all the time.

– Tiffany, Director of Communications, The Unstuck Group

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