Building a digital order fulfilment layer on top of Stripe’s Payment Links.


If you’re selling templates or digital assets online, platforms like Gumroad have a ton of amazing features . . . but they’re also expensive. It’s not uncommon to be paying 10%, 20% or even 30% of your revenue just to host and deliver some digital content to customers.

Instead, we think most creators should own their own Stripe account and use a lightweight fulfillment layer to send customers their orders.

So we built Easyful, a platform to let anyone sell online for free.

Built on Stripe

Easyful is built on Stripe, where you can manage products and prices, create payment links, embed a full checkout, create coupons, and more. The only thing Stripe doesn’t do is host and deliver your content.

That’s where Easyful comes in. We give you a powerful content editor and limitless uploads to email your content to customers when they buy it. And it’s free!