2023 Year in Review

A few of the great clients we worked with in 2023.

Year 7 was a huge year for Nicer. The highlights:

☞ Launched 6 new apps, 32 websites, and 5 new brand identities.

☞ Started a new venture studio, Nicer Ventures, to build deeper investment partnerships with startup clients.

☞ Built Easyful, an easy way to sell digital project with Stripe payment links.

☞ Went to some great conferences like Grok and Webflow Conf.


New Products
Launches 🚀


Published 🌐


New Brand
Identities 🎨


Webflow Speed Build
Championship 🏆

Props to the awesome people who made all that happen:

☞ Our team of 7 full-timers. They're all the best: Carlos, Crystal, Jesse, GwenAnn, Robert, Aeryk and Jay.

☞ The 10 talented contractors we worked with this year.

☞ Great partner agencies we’ve collaborated on projects with, including Bunsen, Cactus, Houston, Purple Wren and Faculty.

☞ Our two amazing startup partners, Pixlmob and Flaire, who both raised a recent round of funding to grow their teams this year.

Carlos Sepulveda, our Webflow lead, destroying the competition in the 2023 Webflow Speed Build Challenge.

Looking ahead to 2024

2024 is already shaping up to be a big year. If you’re looking for a design or development partner in the new year, we’re taking on new design and Webflow clients as early as February, and new development projects starting in Q2.

And if you're a startup about to build something new, we'd love to chat!

Where to find us this year

2023 was the first year we made more of effort to be present at some great IRL events. In 2024 we’re planning and booking ahead! If you’re going to any of these events let us know! We’d love to meet up!

Stripe Sessions
Figma Config
Grok '24, Matt we’re holding you to that promise.

🥂 Cheers to a new year!