Launching a digital real estate services marketplace for photographers and editors.


Our team joined Pixlmob's initial seed round to design, build and launch their real-estate services marketplace. One year later, Pixlmob reached $1m GSV, a huge milestone for sustainable marketplaces.

“I am confident that without your masterful work and dedication, Pixlmob would not be where it is today nor would it be poised for the success we all envision for its future!”
– Carissa Vowels, GM @ Pixlmob

Pragmatic MVP product work

With a 4-month build timeline to launch at real-estate media conferences, we worked with the Pixlmob team to identify the highest-priority features to craft a successful MVP, driving real revenue.

Pixlmob brings the power of an editor marketplace so any photographer can offer advanced services like virtual furniture staging, clearing rooms, 2d and 3d floor plans, and even video edits for promos or walkthroughs.